Sony stops production of almost all PS4 and PS4 Pro in Japan, explained




 Despite major stock issues, the PS5 is officially available in Japan. In order to make room for this for the moment discreet succession in the archipelago, her big sisters are going to retire early.




 The Japanese site GAME Watch, relayed by the site Gematsu, indicates that in Japan, Sony has announced the cessation of production of all models of PS4 and PS4 Pro, except one. The consoles affected by this end of production are almost all Slim models (CUH-2000) and all Pro models (CUH-7000).

The only PS4 that will continue to be produced is the PS4 slim 500 GB black (officially called 'Jet Black'). This means that once the affected PS4 slim and PS4 Pro currently in store have been sold, retailers will no longer receive additional inventory. For its part, the original 'fat' PlayStation 4 has not been produced for several years.


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Make way for the next generation

According to GAME Watch, this end of production will free up assembly lines that will now be used to produce more PS5s. As a reminder, the PS4 slim arrived in September 2016 in Japan. The PS4 Pro was marketed there in November of that same year.

If the announcement of this end of life can come surprisingly early in the eyes of some, it can be justified by the fact that the PS4 has not met the same success as its illustrious big sisters in the archipelago. At the end of last December, the PS4, all models combined, was indeed only about 9.3 million copies sold in Japan.

In Sony's home country, the PS5 currently suffers from very significant back-out and supply issues. Many brands are still forced to hold lotteries to determine which customers will be able to purchase the machine when stocks are delivered to them.

As PS4 sales have fallen significantly in Japan lately, Sony has decided to bet on the future. At the time of this writing, it is not yet clear whether the electronics giant also plans to end production of these PS4 models in the West.



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Does this news surprise you? Is Sony making the right choice? Do you expect these models to end production in the West as well? Give us your opinion in the comments below.

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