Sony VISION-S, the concept car, all in screen of the Japanese manufacturer is shown





 As part of CES 2021, Sony demonstrated its VISION-S electric car. A smart car…. and which really rolls!


Sony VISION-S: video demonstration


Last year, at CES 2020, Sony presented its amazing connected electric car VISION-S. A year later, the Japanese giant wanted to demonstrate his racing car, through various videos.

A car that is still at the prototype stage today, which looks like a distant cousin of a Tesla Model S, and which could constitute an impressive technological (and mechanical) showcase for Sony, if a production model were to be marketed One day.



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On board, the Sony VISION-S is characterized by a fairly gigantic large screen, behind the steering wheel, at the level of the central console, and even in front of the passenger's eyes.

Recall that the German Mercedes has also recently formalized a quite spectacular Hyperscreen for its future EQS.



Power side, the Sony VISION-S is equipped with two electric motors of 200 kW each, placed on the different axles to ensure an all-wheel type transmission. In terms of performance, this translates to a 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds, and top speed of 240 km / h.

Note that Sony has many collaborations with various players in the automotive world, which can legitimately suggest a possible commercialization one day.




'With the aim of advancing mobility, the development of the VISION-S has shifted into high gear. While continuing to develop vehicles focused on safety and security, entertainment and adaptability, the on-road technical evaluation tests started in Austria in December 2020 ', explains the Japanese giant.


Source : Electrek


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