Star Wars Battlefront II: 19 million free versions downloaded from the Epic Games Store




By offering Star Wars Battlefront II, the Epic Games Store generated a real tidal wave: 19 million users picked up the game.

From January 14 to 21, the Epic Games Store created a surprise by offering Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition, normally sold at 40 €. A game with very controversial beginnings which has really improved over time and which has, for a week, attracted no less than 19 million users.



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A story of redemption

Released three years after the original edition, Star Wars Battlefront II Celebration Edition was meant to be the pinnacle of redemption for a game long maligned. Including all paid cosmetic items released to date, this edition accompanied the latest free updates featuring characters and locations featured in Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker.

In April 2020, Star Wars Battlefront II released its last free update before EA decided to stop monitoring the game. Since then, the servers were pretty quiet, but that was without counting on the Epic Games Store which created a real earthquake by offering the game on January 14.



A celebration across the galaxy

With a prodigious influx of 19 million players, the servers did not hold the load during the first days and went into maintenance. Once the backlash was over, EA Star Wars' Twitter account broke out with a message thanking all those new recruits and veterans.




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Perhaps such a craze will convince Electronic Arts that it is still too early to leave Star Wars Battlefront II aside, or that well-attended Star Wars games have a bright future ahead of them.

If Electronic Arts recently lost the exclusivity on the video game adaptations of the Star Wars license, the studio is still working on many projects in this universe, still unknown. Could it be that a Star Wars Battlefront III is coming very soon? Hoping in this case that Electronic Arts learns from its mistakes vis-à-vis the beginnings of the previous opus.



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