Student finds 127 BTC bitcoins lost in eight years

 A Reddit user has reportedly found the private keys to his Bitcoin wallet lost since 2012.

The wallet contained 127 bitcoins (BTC), or roughly $ 4 million.



Happy discovery

Reddit user, named 'BitcoinHolderThankU', has recovered the private keys of his old Bitcoin wallet containing no less than 127 BTC.

In his testimony, he claims to have earned bitcoins in 2011 or 2012 by watching videos or filling out surveys. At the time, it was indeed common to easily earn bitcoins by performing various tasks on the Internet.

The student originally intended to convert his bitcoin into a virtual currency used in the DarkOrbit game. He also explained how a visit to his grandparents allowed him to find the 127 bitcoins. “I was playing DarkOrbit at my grandfather's. While there I used his old Dell computer that I was playing on in 2012 and came across a .txt folder called Keys. '

The Reddit user sold his bitcoin on January 3 for just under $ 34,000 apiece, for a total of over $ 4.2 million.


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Liquidation of 127 BTC

The internet user’s story, however, has aroused the interest of some readers who have expressed doubts about its history. Others wondered how the user managed to liquidate the 127 BTCs when “even the largest exchanges” have withdrawal limits well below $ 100,000 a day.

In a second message, the user then explains that he has studied several solutions to finally choose an over-the-counter (OTC) platform to liquidate his 127 BTC with a commission of 0.15%, for a net amount of 4.24 million dollars.

The user shared a screenshot from January 7 that actually appears to show his checking account with a balance of $ 4.2 million, to prove the veracity of his story. He plans to put some of that money into the S&P 500.



Source : Cointelegraph

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