The 10 most popular free video games in the world

 Largely confined, the planet has never been so addicted to video games as in 2020: global revenues increased by + 12% to reach $ 140 billion according to Nielsen's SuperData. Three quarters come from free games, widely played on mobile. Here are the ten most popular titles in the world.




01.Honor of Kings (Tencent): $ 2.45 billion

This multiplayer online combat arena developed by TiMi Studios and released by Tencent Games in the Chinese market is often considered a League of Legends clone in mobile version. As it turns five, the biggest game in Chinese giant Tencent's purse has so many addicts in the country that the government has forced the publisher to impose a limit on playing time and spending based on it. of age! According to official statistics, it would appeal to 100 million active players every day around the world.



02. Peacekeeper Elite (Tencent): $ 2.32 billion




The Peacekeeper Elite, the Chinese edition of Tencent's game which is called elsewhere in the world PUBG Mobile is the king game of 2020 and the Chinese group is betting big on its potential in e-sports: it announced at the end of 2020 during of the Peacekeeper Elite Championship (PEC) an investment of approximately $ 30 million in the league for this third season, including $ 3 million in the prize pool for the winner of the year!



03. Roblox (Roblox): $ 2.29 billion



Launched in 2005, the Californian firm is establishing itself more than ever as the network of choice for the youngest. It only recently set sail for the international market with the translation into French and German of its service. This 'sandbox' type video game that calls on the creativity of the player without a specific objective and allows him to build virtual worlds even rivals Minecraft in these lower age groups. Roblox is due to go public this year, which would allow it to raise a billion dollars.


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04. Free Fire (Garena): $ 2.13 billion

This battle royale-style video game in which 49 players compete for 10-minute games is developed by Vietnamese studio 111 Dots Studio and published by Singapore-based Garena for Android and IoS. It has been breaking download records since 2019 where it has been particularly successful in Brazil and Thailand.



05. Pokemon GO (Niantic): $ 1.92 billion

Available since 2016 on iOS and Android, the game from Niantic (Google) has gone through 2020 despite the confinements because the publisher has ingeniously adapted to health constraints, multiplying the gifts to players stranded at home (especially Pokéballs, which are difficult to find. collecting without moving) and changing its method of calculation to count the steps when running on the spot. Result: + 39% in income over the last twelve months! The United States, Japan and Germany are the most fond of hunting 365 Pokémon.




06. League of Legends (Riot Games): $ 1.75 billion

With 100 million monthly players from 145 countries, Riot Games' free-to-play game has long dominated the MOBA category in terms of number of players (multiplayer online battle arena) but it does not have the palm of the game. profitability because its followers spend relatively little: half as much on average as those of Fortnite according to SuperData. If it suffers a certain shortness of breath after ten years of good and loyal service (it still generated 2.9 billion dollars in 2016), its recent version on mobile should allow it to renew its audience and attract young players.





07. Candy Crush Saga (KING Digital Entertainment): $ 1.66 billion

Originally designed for Facebook, the free game, which consists of lining up little sour candies, continues to be the most addicting, as evidenced by the number of people playing it in transport. However, it was not an instant success: its beginnings at the London publisher King were rather humble, as the game was drowned among dozens of other titles. Its entry into the App Store in November 2012 and its takeoff the following Christmas launched his career.





08. AFK Arena (Lilith Games): $ 1.45 billion




Published by a Shanghai studio, this role-playing game where players must compose their team of heroes and embark them on the battlefield and, win battles against various demonic creatures is distinguished by the care given to the unique artistic direction and the very elaborate animations, inspired by the murals and the cathedrals. Since its launch in April 2019, AFK Arena's business model has been based primarily on the purchase of diamonds, a virtual currency that is added to the coins obtained during battles.


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09. Gardensc apes New Acres (Playrix): $ 1.43 billion

This free-to-play puzzle video game launched in 2016 by Playrix, a Russian publisher from Vologda headquartered in Dublin, combines elements of simulation and puzzle mechanics. The player puts himself in the shoes of young Austin, who aims to transform the old garden of his childhood home after having carried out a real investigation and having engaged in a treasure hunt.


 10. Dungeon Fighter Online (Nexon): $ 1.41 billion


Launched in 2005 in South Korea, this multiplayer action role-playing game only really took off after its launch in China in 2007 where it is published by Tencent. If it seduces Asia (200 million official users on this continent), it has more difficulty conquering the West. It survived the recent restructuring of the activities of its publisher, South Korean Nexon, thanks to its continued popularity in China. The license is now also available on mobile.

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