The government of France is spending more than half a billion euros to generalize optical fiber





The State has decided to grant an 'extension' to the Very High Speed ​​France Plan, which aims for general optical fiber coverage to the subscriber of the territory by 2025.

While two-thirds of France is now covered by very high speed, the government is aiming for 100% FttH coverage by 2025. This objective complements that of guaranteeing everyone access to what is called the 'very high speed' (greater than 30 Mbit / s going down) by 2022. The additional envelope allocated within the framework of the France Relance plan should allow operators to generalize optical fiber throughout the country.


The state comes to the support of remote areas

Of the additional 570 million euros mobilized to strengthen the Very High Speed ​​France Plan (PFTHD), 420 million euros will be dedicated to RIPs (Public Initiative Networks), these rural areas which did not yet have a project. funded for the generalization of optical fiber by 2025.

The remaining 150 million euros do not yet have a specific purpose for their use. This should be defined during the summer of 2021, but the idea remains to request this windfall to ensure all French people have effective access to the FttH.

In reality, this envelope of 570 million euros is divided into three parts: 300 million euros have been redeployed for the development of optical fiber, to which must be added the 30 million euros voted through the finance law 2020 corrigendum. Finally, the additional government support amounts to 240 million euros.



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More than 3.5 billion euros invested by the State under the France Very High Speed ​​Plan

So far, state support for the Very High Speed ​​France Plan has amounted to 3.57 billion euros. 'Today everyone should have a good internet connection. This is a major issue for the daily life of French people and for the dynamism and attractiveness of our regions. With this new investment by the State and the commitment of the communities, it is the objective of generalizing the fiber throughout the territory that is taking shape, 'declared ministers Bruno Le Maire, Jacqueline Gourault and Cédric O.

The State has already sent its support to many projects and communities throughout the territory, with funding in millions or even tens of millions of local mixed initiatives and unions to help them generalize the deployment of FttH networks. Today, 22 million homes and businesses are served by a fiber optic network. And two out of three premises have access to the network. 

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