The MacBook Pro 2021 reportedly has an SD card reader, and it's a revolution ... or almost




For its next laptops, Apple would backtrack on a number of points. And for the MacBook Pro, that would mean the return of SD cards.

Apple could take advantage of the switch to the M1 chip and the introduction of new chassis to justify a 180 ° turn on certain decisions that have not always been viewed favorably by aficionados of the brand.



A Macbook Pro Better Fit For Pro

Bloomberg magazine reports that the Cupertino company plans to reintegrate an SD card reader on its next range of MacBook Pro. The latter was withdrawn at the end of 2016 when the company introduced a new design including the Touch Bar.

More specifically, Apple had removed all the ports to offer only USB C. In fact, professionals wishing for example to unload their cameras or their cameras had to systematically go through a dongle.

Would society admit having made a mistake? In any case, it would seem that this is not the only change to come. Indeed, a little earlier this month, we learned that this next MacBook Pro would lose its Touch bar, the use of which is also questioned, and would find the MagSafe connection device for power.

According to previous reports, the company could introduce a 14-inch MacBook Pro that accommodates a 12-core M1X SoC, including 8 high-performance cores and 4 high-energy efficient.



An even thinner MacBook Air

Bloomberg also reports that Apple plans to review the chassis of the MacBook Airs. The latter would not only be thinner but also even lighter. Apple would have managed to refine the borders around the panel to further reduce the size of the ultrabook.

According to this report, this new model could see the light of day in the second half of the year or early 2022. Apple would also implement the MagSafe magnetic device, withdrawn in 2018 in favor of USB C.

Apple would not provide an SD card reader on this model. Bloomberg claims the machine will come with two USB-C compatible USB 4 ports.

The company had in the boxes a 15-inch version of the MacBook Air but ultimately decided not to go into production. The MacBook Air was updated with the M1 chip last November. We imagine that this next model will embed the next generation of the Apple Silicon.

Apple has also reportedly developed a layer of compatibility with mobile networks and carried Face ID facial recognition technology. However, these two elements would not be ready in time for the introduction of this new generation of laptops.

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