The Medium et ray tracing : full-bodied gameplay trailer and PC configurations




Expected January 28 on Xbox Series X | S and PC, The Medium unveils a new gameplay trailer and the PC requirements to play.

The trailer dwells on Marianne's gifts of medium and how they will help her in her investigation, in the physical world as in that of the spirits. Thought and designed above all for the new generation console from Microsoft, the horrific game will require, on PC, rather full-bodied configurations.



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First of all, let's remember what it is all about: with a special link with the spirit world, Marianne is responsible for investigating the tragic events that took place in the Niwa Hotel.

In the physical world, she is able to sense elements of the scenery invisible to the naked eye, with which she can interact. It can also be linked to an object endowed with a particular psychic imprint to relive moments linked to the object in question.

In the spirit world, a parallel universe but dangerously close to ours, Marianne will be able to interact with souls, blocked in this other dimension. Most of the spirits residing in this world still have too strong a connection to the real world to reach the hereafter. Marianne will therefore have to help them to settle their earthly and spiritual affairs in order to free them from their torments and progress in her investigation.

Obviously, the border between these two worlds is so fine that certain creatures are able to pierce the veil. Marianne will therefore never be immune to anything in the physical world, to solve the sinister mysteries of the Niwa Hotel.


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Do you have a well hung PC for dealing with spirits?

In addition to this trailer, Bloober Team shared in more detail the configurations required to play The Medium on PC, and in particular to support ray-tracing. And the least we can say is that even for 1080/30 fps, it's tough.




The recommended configuration to run the game in 'medium', 1080p / 30 fps requires an NVIDIA GTX 1660 SUPER graphics card or an AMD RX 5600 XT, an i5-9600 processor or a Ryzen 7 3700 X, 16 GB of RAM (which will remain the same prerequisite for higher settings) and 50 GB of disk space, an SSD being mandatory.

Even the minimum configuration is still quite demanding, since you will need a GTX 1650 SUPER or a GTX 1060 from NVIDIA and an R9 390X from AMD. For the processor, count at least on an i5 6600 or a Ryzen 5, with 8 GB of RAM; here a hard drive is tolerated but not recommended.

For the high configuration, things get tough, with at least an RTX 2060 SUPER or a 5700 XT. The processor and RAM requirements do not change from the recommended configuration. With this configuration, it will be possible to run the game in high configuration, i.e. 1440p / 30 fps.


The Ultra configuration will require you to have either an RTX 2080, an 8 GB RTX 3060 Ti for NVIDIA, or a 16 GB AMD RX 6800 for AMD. On the processor side, we switch to an i7 9700 on the Intel side, and no change on the AMD side.

Note that the recommended configuration to take advantage of RTX at 1440p / 30 fps will require the choice of an RTX 3060 Ti or an RTX 2080 on the NVIDIA side and a 16 GB RX 6800 on the AMD side. The prerequisites for the processor remain the same as for the Ultra configuration.

Finally, the ultimate way to enjoy the game in all its glory would be to have an RTX 3080 on the NVIDIA side or an RX 6800 XT on the AMD side. The processor again remains the same as for the previous two settings.

Well-bodied prerequisites therefore, which testify to the leap forward in games prepared specifically for new generations of consoles compared to cross-generation games.

The Medium is due out January 28 on Xbox Series X | S, PC (Steam), and Xbox Game Pass.


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