Titan Quest makes a comeback, on Android and iOS, with a Legendary Edition

 Titan Quest and all of its additional content and expansions are coming to mobile on February 2. The game is paid for and is sold at a high price relative to support, adopting the same strategy as Civilization VI.



Titan Quest, the famous hack'n'slash published by THQ about fifteen years ago and which had managed to overshadow Diablo II at the time, is not a dead license. While rumors evoke plans on the side of THQ Nordic to develop a Titan Quest 2, it is on mobile that we find the game.


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 The 3 extensions included

HandyGames announces the release of Titan Quest: Legendary Edition on February 2, 2021 on Android and iOS. The opportunity to relive the adventure of the initial game but also to take advantage of all the DLC launched afterwards, including in particular the Immortal Throne extension.

We also find the novelties brought by the much more recent Ragnarök and Atlantis, each bringing an additional act, as well as new quests, enemies, environment and bosses.

In short, the ultimate Titan Quest experience with all the content available, but on smartphone and tablet and not on PC (or console, since the game is now available on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch).


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Waiting for Diablo Immortals

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition will have finally managed to land on our mobile devices before Diablo Immortals. If you're not sure whether you're convinced by the touchscreen controls for porting a hack'n'slash, you can try the standard Titan Quest already available. For owners of an Android device with Google services, note that the game is included in the Google Play Pass subscription plan.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition will be marketed as a premium game, priced at 19.99 euros, without microtransactions of course. It is possible to pre-register on the Play Store and the App Store to be notified when the game is available.


Source : Pocket Gamer


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