To save his Flash games, a developer wears them on Game Boy




 Although Flash Player left us at the end of 2020, a developer decides to save his Flash games by wearing them… on Game Boy!



Antony Lavelle, a game developer who cut his teeth on Flash, very attached to this tool and his work, decides to give his works an unexpected second breath by wearing them on Nintendo's antique portable console.


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Often criticized since its release in 1996, Flash Player was nonetheless the breeding ground for many devilishly addictive little games during the 2000s. Sites like Absoluflash, Armor Games and many others have greatly occupied schoolchildren, college students and other students. whether we were, during or after school.

A time now over, Adobe having definitively disconnected this good old plug-in at the end of last December, causing with it the disappearance of an incalculable number of indie games. But some developers of these memorable games have not said their last word and want to give them a second life.

This is particularly the case of Antony Lavelle, a developer who does not hide his love for Flash Player because of its simplicity and his some 70 creations on this tool. He therefore became interested in a platform that could accommodate his most recognized games and set his sights on… the Game Boy portable console.


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 Indestructo Games

For his first port, Antony Lavelle decided to make Indestructo Tank, one of his most famous games, compatible with the Game Boy. The principle of this game, released in 2007, was to control an indestructible tank and bounce off enemies to collect fuel.

If the Game Boy is technically limited, Antony Lavelle has managed to make this port as faithful as the original, less the diversity of colors. It is therefore possible to download the game's ROM to install it on a blank Game Boy cartridge or, ironically, on a Flash cartridge.

But for those who do not have a Game Boy or the means to install the ROM, it is also possible to play this port via browser emulation on the page, cited as a source below. .

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Many other developers have also followed a similar path in order to preserve these iconic Flash games through emulation with projects such as the Flash Game Archive site or Flashpoint. Nostalgia when you hold us…

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