Ubisoft is working on a Star Wars game in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games

 Update 01/13/21 at 4:00 p.m .:

In a tweet, Ubisoft clarified that the focus will be on the story for this open-world Star Wars game. It could therefore well be a purely solo title (even if connected features could be on the program).

For its part, Lucasfilm Games has confirmed that Electronic Arts will continue its work on Star Wars in the years to come.




Newer Lucasfilm Games label continues to announce new plans after an Indiana Jones game officially released at Bethesda Softworks. This time, it is Ubisoft which wins the jackpot with a new title for the Star Wars license.

Electronic Arts is therefore no longer the exclusive partner of Disney on the video games of the franchise imagined by George Lucas.



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Towards an open world?

It is through WIRED that we learn about the development of yet another Star Wars video game. But there is still change. Indeed, it is not Electronic Arts but Ubisoft which is in charge of this project which seems very ambitious. The Massive Entertainment studio (The Division) will design the software which will use the Swedish firm's Snowdrop Engine.

Right now, we just know that development is at an early stage and that Julian Gerighty (director of The Division 2 and The Crew) will be taking on the creative director position. According to initial information, it should be an open world game. We don't know anything about the characters or the story as of yet.



EA on the sidelines?

In 2012, Electronic Arts signed an exclusive Star Wars license partnership with Disney. Except that with this Ubisoft announcement, we are entitled to believe that the contract between the two companies has recently been revised. Sean Shoptaw from Disney spoke on this subject in the columns of WIRED.



EA has been and will continue to be an important partner for us in the future. However, we thought there was space for other partners.



With this new strategy, Lucasfilm Games could therefore approach other publishers / manufacturers for its future games. There is probably no longer any question of repeating the experience of an exclusive partnership as with Electronic Arts. Remember that Disney already applies a similar policy for its Marvel licenses.


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 What do we think of dodsee?

This sanction hung in the face of Electronic Arts for several years. After multiple cancellations of projects and the sometimes questionable quality of the Star Wars games developed by the American publisher, Disney had to act.

It remains to be seen what Ubisoft will concoct for us. Let us hope that the French multinational will not be satisfied with taking again the structure of its open-world (The Division, Assassin's Creed, Watch Dog and all the Tom Clancy softs) by copying a simple “Star Wars filter”. If successful, this could sign a real revival for Star Wars on the video game side.

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