Unusual: the Signal Advance company takes advantage of the WhatsApp controversy and flies on the stock market


The start of the year was marked by the controversy surrounding the new conditions of use for WhatsApp. If the Signal application took advantage of this case, it is also the case of the quasi-namesake company Signal Advance.




Specialized in the detection of signals emitted by sensors used in the medical or industrial field, Signal Advance has nothing to do with the Signal foundation developing the eponymous secure messaging application.



Privacy is priceless

While users on both sides of the world sharply criticize the bridges that Facebook tries to create between its social network and WhatsApp messaging, the Signal app is seen as the more secure and comprehensive alternative.



 Elon Musk has also recommended the application of the foundation to his 42.3 million subscribers while the famous whistleblower Edward Snowden has once again praised its merits.


In view of the scale of the phenomenon, followers of stock market transactions, believing they saw a new opportunity to fill their bank accounts, rushed to buy Signal Advance shares, which they confused with Signal. It would seem, however, that the greed is sometimes stronger than the savvy. The Signal foundation is obviously not listed.



As reported by Business Insider, the stock market share of the company Signal Advance suddenly rose 6,350% between January 7 and 11, which generated an annual increase of 9,645.75% over one year according to data from Boursorama.



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