With more than 20 years of delay, Magic Castle is finally released ... on PS1




 This is the beautiful story of the start of the year. Magic Castle, a PS1 game, is now available, more than 20 years after the birth of the project.



While the PS5 was released in November 2020, the PS1 welcomes a new game to its catalog. More than 20 years after the start of its development which began in 1998, Magic Castle is indeed available.




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At the end of the 90s, a group of Japanese developers got together to create this game and worked through Net Yaroze, a development kit for PlayStation. After several months of intense efforts, they present their RPG to several publishers to finance the end of development.

But the title does not find a taker. Sony is showing interest in the project and hope is reborn. But the group changes their minds and prefers that the developers abandon Magic Castle and turn to another project, which they refuse to do. This halt will have put the initiative on hold for two decades.



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 Free and playable on PC

Until one of the original developers got their hands on the game's source code and took on the unlikely challenge of completing Magic Castle and releasing it to the public, even four console generations later.

This is how this PS1 game was released at the start of 2021. Of course, there is no question of availability on disc and of taking your PS1 out of the closet to try it. Magic Castle is free to download and can be played on PC via an emulator.

The game is about exploring a castle filled with monsters, traps and magic. A good old-fashioned dungeon. 20 levels and four playable characters are planned. An update should arrive later for four-player play.


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