With more than a quarter of users, India asks WhatsApp to cancel new terms




 Since the beginning of the year, the controversy has swelled around the new conditions of use of WhatsApp. India, which represents more than a quarter of users of the service, intends to put pressure on society.

Remember that after having bought WhatsApp for more than 20 billion dollars in 2014, Facebook now tends to create bridges between messaging and its social network, amassing more and more user data.


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India wants to bend WhatsApp

Faced with the controversy generated by the announcement of its new terms of use, WhatsApp has decided to postpone their entry into force. Initially scheduled for February 8, these are now scheduled for May 15.

If Facebook gives itself a little time to convince its users, in India, we are simply asking for the withdrawal of these new T & Cs which, let us remember, are not optional. According to Techcrunch, the Indian Ministry of Information Technology sent an email to Will Cathcart, head of development and strategy at WhatsApp, explaining that the policy that Facebook is about to implement poses 'serious concerns' with regard to “the choice and autonomy of Indian citizens”.

'For this reason, we ask you to withdraw these proposed changes,' the message concludes.

Of the 1.5 billion WhatsApp followers around the world, India today represents more than 400 million users. The ministry therefore wonders about the differences in data sharing between the European Union and other countries in the world, and adds:

'Such differential treatment is detrimental to the interests of Indian users and perceived as a serious problem by the government.'



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Europe and France are not so spared

Facebook recently explained that the data sharing of European WhatsApp users would mainly concern companies, using WhatsApp Business. In fact, data sharing between Facebook and WhatsApp has been effective since 2016, although the data of European users is somewhat protected by the GDPR, avoiding sharing with third parties, from which users outside the EU are not protected. .

Anyway, WhatsApp collects no less than 25 data points on its users, and this controversy puts the issue of data confidentiality and privacy back to the fore.



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Source : Techcrunch, Twitter


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