Advertising: help Facebook track you down on iOS, and save SMEs




“Support businesses that rely on advertising” is the message some Facebook users receive on their iPhones encouraging them to be hounded.

Mark Zuckerberg intends to counter the efforts of Apple in the implementation of its new device called 'ATT' or App Tracking Transparency. Since soon it will be the users who will choose whether or not to be tracked, they must therefore be convinced.



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Facebook plays the sensitive chord

Since Apple announced new measures to protect the privacy of its users, Facebook is furious and continues to open hostilities against the Cupertino company. Lately, the company has chosen to develop a message for its users.

In updating a blog post published in December, Facebook explains that the company will comply with Apple's request 'to provide stability to the businesses and people who use our services.' On the other hand, the social giant intends to implement a campaign aimed at convincing the followers of its network to be followed.

For Facebook, if you agree to be tracked on iOS 14, you will not only benefit from ads that strictly meet your needs, but you will also help companies whose business model is based on advertising.



Let yourself be tracked and save lives

To continue the opaque collection of personal data from its users, Facebook is positioning itself as a spokesperson for small businesses and has even opened a page dedicated to small businesses collecting tearful testimonials. “We are just trying to survive,” explains a certain Hrag Kalebjian. 'This will affect me and my family, but it will also affect a lot of people we are currently trying to help,' says Annette Njou.

After sharply criticizing Apple on the front page of newspapers and even launching legal actions, the social giant now wants to position the user as the savior of the small family business, as if their success, and even their life, were in our hands.

Allowing others to enrich themselves by trading in their private life, while encouraging themselves to buy supposedly tailor-made products, is therefore the message that Facebook is trying to embellish.

It must be said that like Google, Facebook knows full well that the majority of users risk refusing to be tracked and will make this clear by responding to the pop-up generated by iOS 14.

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