An Apple 1, ridden by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is found on eBay, at 1.5 million dollars





A (very rare) Apple 1 computer is currently for sale on eBay, at a price that is obviously beyond comprehension.

The computer, developed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, is currently listed at $ 1.5 million.



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The computer that was worth $ 1.5 million

For the record, the Apple 1, designed by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne, and tested in series in the Jobs garage, was the very first Apple product. Initially put on sale in April 1976, it was then marketed at a price of $ 666.66.

Today, it is therefore a collector's product to say the least, and it is now possible to acquire a very limited edition copy via the eBay online sales platform. Only six copies have in fact been reissued (with KOA wood from Byte Shop), and the good news is that they work like the first day!




According to the seller, this Apple 1 was recovered in 1978 in Montreal, as part of an exchange with an Apple II. “I took possession of this computer at the beginning of 1978 directly from the original owner, as part of an exchange at the computer store where I sold Apple IIs in Montreal, until Apple arrived in Canada ”.




Obviously, to be able to proudly dispose of this collector's item, it will be necessary to be able and willing to pay the sum of 1.5 million dollars, all the same!

At this price, one could imagine that the shipping costs are free, but no: an additional € 292 will be requested for the delivery of this Apple 1 in France, via UPS.

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