Android 12 developer preview is available




 Google is already allowing some users to enjoy the joys of Android 12.

Obviously, this is the developer preview version, to be used 'at your own risk'.



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Android 12: Developer Preview version is available

Without warning, Google is deploying the anticipated version of the future Android 12. A developer preview version which is already downloadable, on the condition, however, of having a smartphone such as Google Pixel 3, 3a, 4, 4a, 4a ( 5G) or 5.

For users, it's an opportunity to test some of the new features to come with Android 12. For Google, it's an opportunity to get feedback from these same users, and to continue to refine their OS beforehand. public deployment.

Between the months of May and July, Google should launch new public beta of Android 12, aimed in particular at other smartphones. The final version should be deployed from next September.






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