Android 12: rotation soon based on the direction of your face





New interface, double tap gesture on the back of the smartphone, redesign of multitasking ... To these new features expected on Android 12, is added a screen rotation feature based on the direction of the face (and not the mobile) for a extended use. But only the Pixels could benefit.

The first Developer Preview of Android 12 is expected to launch in the next few days and a lot of the features, improvements and changes brought by the update are starting to leak.



 Using your smartphone lying down will be more practical

This time, 9to5Google tells us that a new, smarter screen rotation mode is in development. This would no longer be based on the tilt of the smartphone to define whether it should render a landscape or portrait display, but on the position of the face.

This system would finally make it possible to benefit from a good user experience when you are lying down, in bed in particular, at the beach or otherwise. We have all seen the screen turn the wrong way in this kind of position, sometimes forcing you to turn off auto-rotate to see the display in the desired direction.



An Android 12 feature exclusive to Pixels only?

Bad news, it seems that this new feature would initially be exclusive only to smartphones in the Pixel range. It is not yet to be ruled out that more mobiles will be compatible, but it is better not to have too much hope if the source is to be believed.

As the function requires the use of the smartphone's front camera, all the processing operations necessary to determine the direction of the face will be done locally on the device itself for security and confidentiality reasons.

We should know more about this very soon.

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