Apple Car: cautious, Hyundai fears becoming a simple subcontractor





At Hyundai, not everyone would welcome a merger with Apple. Some believe that the constraints would be too numerous.

If rumors about an upcoming Apple Car flourish on both sides of the Web, Apple has never confirmed them. The fact remains that the company has invested heavily in this market in recent years. At the beginning of last month, Hyundai said it was in discussions with Apple on the subject.



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A clash of titans

In one of its latest dispatches, Reuters reports that to produce its cars, Apple had two options on the table: Kia or parent company Hyundai. Finally, the Cupertino company would therefore have approached the second in 2018. However, the South Korean company would almost see it as an insult.

In fact, Hyundai is not used to producing spare parts and even less vehicles for another manufacturer. It develops its own engines as well as its gearboxes.

Reuters reports the words of a Hyundai executive, who said:


“We are agonizing over how to do it and we wonder if this is a good idea or not. We are not a company that makes cars for others. It's not as if working with Apple is bound to produce good results ”.

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Kia remains in the race

The company Hyundai Motor Group explains that Apple intends to buy components from various suppliers and wants Hyundai to assemble them in the United States. In other words, Hyundai would position itself a bit like Foxconn on the assembly of iPhones.

'The group fears that the Hyundai brand will end up being perceived as a simple subcontractor of Apple, and this would not help Hyundai in its efforts to develop a premium image for its Genesis brand', explains the leader. close to this case.

For this reason, the Hyundai group is said to have considered proposing a partnership with Kia Motors which it owns to more than a third and which has factories in the State of Georgia in the United States.



Source : Reuters



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