BlizzCon 2021: Burning Crusade Classic will complement World of Warcaft in 2021




An outing in 2021 to (re) discover the joys of Outland, Karazhan or the Caves of Time as on the first day.

Released in August 2019, World of Warcraft Classic was a bit of a trial run for Blizzard. He had already surveyed his community, but he needed confirmation that fans of the famous MMORPG were really interested in a kind of 'back to basics'.






 Blood Elf or Draenei?

World of Warcraft Classic therefore proposes to take us back to Azeroth as in the early days of the MMO: Blizzard had insisted on the use of gameplay and content identical to that of version 1.12.x, therefore prior to the release of the first expansion - Burning Crusade - landed in 2007.

The players having largely responded, Blizzard continues its little journey through time and is now preparing to offer us Burning Crusade Classic before the end of the year 2021. The principle is obviously the same and Outland - new world of the original expansion - will be back as we discovered in 2007.




Blizzard insists on the proposition of choice for each of the characters in WoW Classic: to stay permanently on the base world or to switch to Bruning Crusade. A character cloning system is being considered to take advantage of both options. However, this will be a paid service, the price of which is not yet known.

On the occasion of BlizzCon 2021, the studio stressed that five phases of deployment are planned for Burning Crusade without it being known very well what it is at the moment. It has also been clarified that a sesame around level 58 will be offered in the game, this should take the same form as the sesame we are now familiar with.





Of course, Burning Crusade Classic should bring everything new from the 2007 expansion to WoW Classic. Starting with the choice of two new races, the Blood Elves (Alliance) and the Draenei (Horde), the flying mounts as well as the most iconic areas of the Karazhan dungeon in the Sunwell Plateau raid.

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