Chrome for Android: Google begins rolling out grid and group tabs






On Android, Chrome is entitled to a redesign of the management of tabs, with an interface in the form of a grid, more practical than the previous system of layers, and the option of creating groups of tabs, as on Chrome on desktop.

It has been years since Google made major changes to how its web browser's tabs are handled on Android; functionality is finally brought up to date.



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A new tab manager on Chrome

A major change to the browser interface is being rolled out. Goodbye tabs presented vertically and whose last open takes up all the space on the screen, Google is moving to another perspective with the display of tabs in a grid.

This system has the advantage of highlighting a much larger number of pages, allowing the user to have a better immediate overview of his open tabs. In return, the tabs are displayed smaller, necessarily.




To quickly find content hidden in a plethora of tabs, this new UI is particularly useful. In fact, more and more users tend to leave a large volume of tabs open; and for good reason, our smartphones are more powerful and smarter in the management of resources, there is no longer any need to close your tabs after use to relieve your device.



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Create tab groups

Concretely, up to six tabs can appear at the same time on the screen. A swipe left or right can close them quickly. A discreet button at the top of the screen gives access to the tabs of incognito mode.

It also becomes possible to organize your tabs in groups, as has been the case on desktop for several months already. To do this, a special interface is available, but the new tab display grid also allows the creation of groups quickly (by moving one tab over another).

These features have been deployed gradually over the past ten days and the arrival of Chrome 88. They are unlocked gradually for all users. If you do not yet have access, it will not be long.

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