Chromebook: sales up 287% compared to 2019




The Chromebook is on the rise and the health crisis is certainly not for nothing. The adoption of these ChromeOS-powered laptops has quadrupled last year.

By unveiling its Chrome OS system in 2009, Google had left more than one skeptic. Buying a computer just for surfing the Web seemed like a very limited use. Today, however, it is clear that Web applications are continuously enriched, to the point of supplanting sometimes complex software.



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Chromebooks benefit from the pandemic

As we know, the health crisis we are going through has resulted in the implementation of various lockdowns and curfews, in particular promoting teleworking. As a result, the PC market as a whole saw increased sales and revenues. 458 million PCs were sold in 2020, an increase never seen in 10 years.

According to research firms Canalys and Gartner, in 2020, some 30 million Chromebooks were sold, including 11 and 11.7 million sold in the fourth quarter of the year. This would represent an increase in sales of 287% compared to sales for the last three months of 2019.

According to The Verge, which reports the information, Gartner and Canalys do not quite present the same figures but both show a dazzling annual growth for Chromebooks (+ 80% compared to 2019 according to Gartner and + 109% according to Canalys).





Chromebook: the ultimate student tool

As we know, one of the measures linked to the health crisis is the closure of universities. The education sector is one of Google's target sectors for its Chromebooks, confirmed by the fact that schools have bought Chrome OS computers en masse to equip students.

According to Business Insider, even Eran Megiddo, vice president of Microsoft Education, agrees that Chromebooks are much more suitable today than Windows laptops for students. We also recently reported that with Windows 10X, Microsoft was inspired by Chrome OS to simplify its operating system.

For its part, Google intends to increase its efforts. In December, the company bought the Neverware company, which specializes in installing Chrome OS on old PCs, to give them a facelift. Neverware has various agreements with more than a thousand schools in the United States alone. It is present in 21 countries.

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