Gmail: now, email aliases will appear in the search bar






Gmail's search bar will now include aliases
of email addresses in the results, Google ad in a blog post. A feature that follows on from the changes made to G Suite last year.

After including Chat in search results, this is the latest innovation to improve the messaging service filtering tool.



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 New research results

An email alias is, for those who don't know, an email address that redirects to a pre-existing one. The
Messages sent to the alias are thus transferred directly. These addresses can be used for business or to protect online privacy.

Gmail's new feature goes a bit against this
last point, since all the aliases of an email will now be shown in the results of its search bar. If an email has
been sent by someone from an alias, but you don't know which one, all aliases used by that person will be shown in the search results.

Google specifies that by using the principle of filter quotes, it will be
still possible to filter the results to a single email address.



Long-term project at Gmail

Gmail is constantly evolving, but the email service of
Google has taken several drastic turns in recent years

G Suite has become Google Workspace, a rebranding that has
accompanied by a new visual identity and new features, such as the ability to directly open and edit an Office document from Gmail.


Source : Neowin, Google 

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