God of War: the (free) patch dedicated to the PS5 is available ... today!




It's high time to bring your God of War PS4 out of the closet, the PS5 patch has arrived!

Santa Monica Studio has just confirmed the deployment of a free patch to boost the performance of the game.



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God of War patched up on PS5!

We will have to wait a few long months before we can discover the new God of War Ragnarök. In the meantime, Santa Monica Studio offers to (re) play the 2018 opus in new conditions on PS5.

Indeed, if many players have already been able to take advantage of the backward compatibility of the PS5 to discover the God of War of 2018 (especially via the PlayStation Plus Collection), now Santa Monica Studio announces the patch dedicated to the PS5 version. A patch available… today!




A free update, which allows God of War to benefit from new graphics options. Indeed, on PS4, the game could be configured in two ways, namely 'Resolution' or 'Performance'.

On PS5, God of War (once the patch is installed) can get the best of both worlds, with a new default mode that offers both Performance and Resolution. The game will run in 4K (checkerboard resolution) and 60 fps.

Suffice to say that some are very likely to re (re) launch the hunt for Valkyries ...




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