GoldenEye: 2 hours of gameplay of abortive Xbox 360 remaster leaked




Nintendo 64's legendary GoldenEye FPS could have been the subject of a remaster on Xbox 360, as evidenced by a leaked video.

Posted on YouTube by Graslu00 and spotted by our colleagues at Video Games Chronicles, the video presents the entire single player campaign as well as a few multiplayer games. Instead, it's a Wii remaster edited by Activision that saw the light of day. According to Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, this would have been due to the possession of the rights of the license in particular by Nintendo, although the original game was developed by Rare, today an integral part of Microsoft Studios.



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GoldenEye Royale

In this video, we can therefore notice that the Xbox 360 remaster project was practically completed in 2008. It contains all of the iconic levels of the original game, with enough changes to make it a different game.

Taking into account the 10 years and a few separating the original game from this remaster, the controls are notably much more precise, and Daniel Craig also makes an appearance for the less anachronistic. Remaster requires, the levels have also received a lick of paint to give a little freshness to the old engine used by the original game on Nintendo 64. The character models are also more detailed and better animated.

Despite all of this, the indelible imprint the original game left behind is imprinted everywhere in this remaster. We therefore find the original sound effects, as well as the architecture of the various places visited. It was also possible, like the Anniversary editions of Halo 1 and Halo 2, to alternate between “classic” graphics and revisited graphics.




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License to remaster

Unfortunately, shortly before the project was finalized, Xbox was forced to cut the project short. Grant Kirkhope, the composer of the game on Nintendo 64, still at Rare when creating this remaster, told Video Games Chronicle that its development was canceled due to 'too many games to convince'.

He clarified: “The reason for the cancellation of this remaster lies in the too large number of rights holders. Between Microsoft, Nintendo and EON [holders of the rights to the James Bond license], it was impossible to reach an agreement. Add to that the fact of bringing together the original actors to reproduce them once again in a game. It would have cost a lot of money and that's why the project could never have been economically viable ”.

Mentioned above, Phil Spencer said the same thing in 2015. If Rare has long been well integrated into Microsoft Studios, it appears impossible for copyright reasons to see a remaster or a remake of the mythical GoldenEye 007 on Xbox One or Xbox Series X | S. Regardless, GoldenEye never dies and remains one of the best console FPS in history.

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