Google Drive Gets Important Security Update





Google has introduced a new security option for its online storage service for businesses.

Administrators are now able to better control the sharing of files between collaborators. This novelty was initially introduced in beta last August.



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More secure shares

In business, administrators can create five distinct groups, each with different permissions. It can then place employees within these groups to determine the possible audience for sharing links.

Of course, the objective is to avoid any data leak with people not accredited to obtain information, or even with people outside the company. It also allows the company to better manage the accounts of one-off providers.

Until now, sharing options have either been limited to accounts associated with the same domain (i.e. the entire company) or have no limits. Now the administrator is even able to define shares with different companies (for example, subsidiaries on a different domain).

Recently, Google announced the merger of its Google Drive and Backup and Sync sync clients. For individuals, this will notably result in more flexibility for synchronizing files with placeholders.



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