Google Maps Android: you can finally see Street View and the map at the same time, to better find your way




Live View is good, but not yet well optimized and quite greedy for the battery. Google Maps on Android therefore deploys a split screen option to display Street View and the map at the same time.

The Google Maps application is enriched with a new feature on Android. It is now possible to switch to split screen to see both Street View mode and the map.



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An alternative to Live View

It becomes much more convenient to use Street View while on the move. In fact, we can now follow our movements live on the map, while continuing to visualize the Street View images to find our way around.

The experience offered is certainly not at the level of what we could have with augmented reality, but the function has the merit of offering an alternative to Live View, which is still in beta and needs to be improved. Especially since the latter only works with activated navigation and is particularly battery consuming.



 Full screen or split screen

To activate the split screen, just tap on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen when you are in Google Maps Street View. The view will then be offset in the upper half of the screen, and the map will appear at the bottom. A second press allows you to return to full screen mode.





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The dual screen also works in landscape mode: Street View is then on the left and the map on the right side of the screen. Those who have not opened Street View for a long time will also be able to appreciate the implemented landmarks, which make it easier to find a restaurant, a monument or a place.

This split screen feature on Street View is available on Google Maps version 10.59.1. The deployment being progressive, all users should have access to it within a few days.

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