Google Meet rolls out a feature to end a call for everyone




Google is optimizing its Meet software, with a new feature that allows everyone to end a call.

An update being deployed and which will therefore now offer two ways to end a call.



Two ways to end a call on Google Meet

For a year now, video conferencing software has (unfortunately) been popular, and this is the case with Google Meet. Software that now offers two distinct ways to end a call.

Indeed, those who organize a video call will be able to end a meeting by withdrawing from the conversation, and leave the other members between them, or disconnect all the participants. A time option for Education versions of Workspace.




Concretely, when the host validates the command allowing to end a video call, a dialog box will allow him to choose between the two options. “In some cases, a host may not want people to continue a meeting without their presence. For example, teachers may want to prevent students from having unsupervised meetings, ”Google explains.

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