In the United States, you can pay for public transport or parking directly from Google Maps





In the United States, the Google Maps mobile application now makes it possible to communicate with Google Pay to validate their public transport ticket or pay for parking.

Is it still possible to set Google Maps? Initially focused on mapping, the service continues to grow and also acts as a directory or promotional tool for companies. To further generalize its use, Google is introducing two new features this time.



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New partners for new uses

Google announces via its blog the integration of Passport and ParkMobile, two services allowing to pay for parking spaces directly through a smartphone application.

Within Google Maps, Americans will soon find a special button to pay for their parking by choosing a defined time. It will also be possible to extend the latter later. This feature will be available in over 400 cities.

At the same time, Google announced the integration of more than 80 public transport companies around the world in order to buy tickets. The company explains that it will thus be possible to anticipate a trip by purchasing tickets in advance. This novelty will soon be deployed on Android in the coming weeks.

These two options are based on the Google Pay payment device. It will therefore be necessary to integrate a valid credit card.



Google Maps, the travel companion

Obviously, Google wants to make Google Maps the essential tool for all trips by meeting every need. It is also interesting to note that despite the pandemic, which is reflected in a decrease in travel and transit, the company has been able to diversify the functions.

Recently, Google announced a major update to its maps with more detail on natural areas and streets. The service also indicates the COVID-19 screening centers and makes it possible to learn upstream of the crowds in transport. Note also the use of augmented reality within Street View in order to better navigate.

At the moment, we do not know which partners Google will work with in France for these two new features. There are many companies positioned in the reservation of parking spaces, such as OnePark, ParClick, Indigo or even OPnGO.


Source : Google


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