iOS 14.5 will show more advertising in the App Store




While currently grappling with Facebook and others over data collection and targeted advertising, Apple is poised to introduce more ad space to its App Store with the next version of iOS.

In iOS 14.5, users will be recommended apps based on their tastes on the 'search' tab of the App Store.



A new way to monetize the App Store

As 9to5Mac reveals, Apple made some changes to its App Store in iOS 14.5. Currently, a user is only recommended applications related to his preferences when he does a search, and therefore when he enters specific terms (keywords).

But with the next version of iOS, mobile users will be faced with targeted applications as soon as they open the 'search' tab. As the screenshot of the specialized site shows, a new 'Suggested' pane has appeared at the footer, and lists a number of applications that may be popular with the user.




A natural extension of the App Store Search ads introduced by Apple in 2016, which will allow it to sell more advertising space to its advertisers and, ultimately, increase its revenues.



Apple's hypocrisy pointed out

For some tech watchers, the pill is struggling to pass. And for good reason: it's been months since the rag has been burning between Facebook and Apple, which will make it considerably more difficult to collect personal data from the social network in its next update.

As a reminder, Apple will launch App Tracking Transparency next spring, a program allowing its users to prohibit the collection of personal data from applications, while continuing to use them.

Facebook which, like many others, is precisely its butter on data collection, user profiling and the sale of targeted advertising, has thus embarked on a vast lobbying campaign aimed at making Apple surrender - which does not budge that it acts in the interest of its clients.

Only, the discoveries of 9to5Mac tend to bring down the mask of the Cupertino company. Indeed, developers have several levers to promote their applications. One of the best is still advertising it on social media, which is often very effective at targeting. However, if Facebook and others have access to less data, targeting is less relevant. And developers are looking for other ways to promote their work. So why not go straight to the App Store, where people can download their apps with just one click?

For some, this whole little game boils down to Apple seeking to establish itself as the best provider of targeted advertising space on iOS. A goal that, if it were to materialize, would somewhat tarnish the image of the white knight of privacy that Apple has loved for several years.

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