IPhone 11: security researchers successfully jailbreak




The practice of jailbreaking on the iPhone continues and this time researchers have managed to unlock iOS 14 on an iPhone 11.

Finding a loophole to bypass the locks put in place by Apple is the practice of jailbreaking which has lasted for more than ten years. In particular, this allows applications to be installed on your smartphone that would have no chance of being validated within the App Store.



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A jailbreak up to iOS 14.2

Jailbreaking is a bit like a cat and mouse game. When developers exploit a loophole to bypass locks, Apple immediately fixes it with an update.

According to WCCTech, iOS 14 can be jailbroken on older iPhones thanks to a hardware flaw that Apple can't fix with a simple software patch. In addition, researchers from Ant Security Labs have just found an exploit within the iPhone 11 for iOS 14 (and up to 14.2).

Security expert @pattern_F_ on Twitter posted a video illustrating this jailbreak on an iPhone 11 powered by iOS 14.1. He explains that this manipulation works on all devices - iPhone or iPad - with SoC A12 or later.



A jailbreak that is not made public

Note, however, that if your device has iOS 14.4, it will not be possible to downgrade the system to benefit from a jailbroken version. Indeed, as WCCTech recalls, since iOS 14.3 Apple has stopped signing its system.

According to the researcher, this exploited flaw has not yet been corrected by Apple. For this reason and for security reasons, the man does not intend to publish his manipulation to allow anyone to reproduce it on an iPhone 11 or an iPhone 12.

In theory, since this is a 0-day exploit, this means that it is functional on iOS 14.3, however Apple has introduced a system aimed at stopping the exploitation of a certain type of vulnerability allowing usually a hacker to develop a jailbreak tool.

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