Jack Dorsey, P.-D.G. from Twitter, operates its own Bitcoin (BTC) node





Jack Dorsey, P.-D.G. Twitter, will soon participate in the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain after revealing the installation of its own node.

The main interest is to participate in the blockchain consensus and to ensure permanent access to the Bitcoin network.



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Jack Dorsey installs his Bitcoin node

Jack Dorsey revealed on Twitter that he has set up his own Bitcoin full node, or full node in English.

The billionaire posted a screenshot with the words 'Running #Bitcoin'. The image shows Jack Dorsey's computer in full sync with the Bitcoin blockchain, which requires downloading all of the chain's history to date. The size of the Bitcoin blockchain is approximately 325 GB. Dorsey also revealed that he has chosen to mine his node with an Apple M1 chip, not a Raspberry Pi.

Mining a Bitcoin node is different from mining in that there is no competition for a share of the block rewards. Rather, each node hosts another immutable copy of the blockchain, which helps increase the overall security of the network.

In addition, the main interest for the owner of the node is to ensure permanent access to the Bitcoin network and to be able to have its transactions validated by the latter.



 Long-time member

Jack Dorsey has been a Bitcoin enthusiast for several years. In 2014, some engineers at his payments company Square asked if they could integrate BTC into the app. Jack Dorsey agreed and that's when he understood the implications behind Bitcoin.

In February 2019, he appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he proclaimed that the Internet will have a currency and that currency could be BTC: “[Bitcoin] is something that was born on the Internet, that was developed on the Internet, which was tested on the Internet, ”he said at the time.

In December 2019, he also created an offshoot of Square, called Square Crypto, which is intended to work on the development of open source Bitcoin. The company has also given numerous grants to Bitcoin developers.

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