Mass Effect: Legendary Edition details and dates to May 14






So on May 14th, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the ultimate version of the famous RPG from Bioware, will be released, which takes the opportunity to give some details on its content and deliver a video.

Expected on PC and consoles, this remake should go a little further than the simple facelift in 4K sauce.



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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is coming (almost) everywhere on May 14

It is therefore in a little over three months that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will be released on PC (Steam and Origin), Xbox One and PS4, with compatibility and optimizations with new generation consoles.

Price side, just to immediately evacuate the question that could annoy, the pre-order pages are not all available at the time of writing these lines. However, the price of 69.99 € is displayed on Sony and Microsoft consoles, and Origin unveils a classic 59.99 €. Any discounts for players in possession of the original games therefore do not appear to be relevant.

In terms of content first of all, nothing really surprising to note: the three games will be there (released for the record in 2007, 2010 and 2012) and all directly accessible from the main menu, accompanied by more than 40 DLC. So there won't be any new narrative content or changes, including for the controversial finale. On the other hand, the multiplayer pan of the third opus will not be part of the game, the teams preferring to focus on improvements around the solo experience.




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The trilogy gets a facelift in form and (a little) in substance

It starts with visual work. 4K HDR compatible with new models, shaders, lights, different effects and improved textures thanks to AI upscaling, the trilogy should flatter the retina and enjoy improved performance by the way. For example, the loading time in one of the elevators in the Citadel should be reduced from 52 seconds to… 14.

The customization of the character of Shepard will also be enriched (especially in terms of hairstyles and skin colors), while the “FemShep” model, introduced in the third installment, will now be accessible from the first game.

Finally, the weapons will benefit from a rebalancing (especially in the first game, which benefited from the maximum attention, including concerning the aim and the cover), while the controls of the decried Mako should be better. So it would seem, at least on paper, that this Legendary Edition will not be just a 4K port, and that BioWare and EA have done things well.

For the most curious about the visual evolution of this remake in particular, the official site of Mass Effect: Lengendary Edition allows you to compare the images and cutscenes before / after. There is also talk of a deluxe edition at 149.99 dollars with a headset at a scale of 1: 1… but without the integrated game.

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