Microsoft ready to replace Google if the latter leaves the Australian market






Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella wants his company to fill the void that Google is about to leave.

The situation remains hot between Google and the Australian government. The latter wants Google to pay the country's media for the content they publish, taken over by the Mountain View firm. The chief executive of Google Australia has threatened to leave the country if the Australian bill comes to an end, prompting a response from the Australian Prime Minister: the country will not budge in the face of the threats.



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Microsoft is invited to the game

The Prime Minister then turned to the President of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, who assured him that Microsoft would be able to replace Google, by strengthening the presence of its Bing search engine in Australia.

At the same time, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and P.-D.G. from Facebook, spoke with Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg, as well as Communications Minister Paul Fletcher. At the end of this discussion, the Minister of Finance cracked a laconic statement, announcing that Zuckerberg had not convinced him to back down on his bill.



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Australian government determined

The government is preparing to pass its law that will force big tech companies to pay national media for their content, and seems determined not to give in to threats from Facebook and Google. A position hailed by the country's political opposition.

The way is clear for Microsoft which sees there a golden opportunity to extend its influence on a big market, even if it will be difficult to completely replace Google and to fill the void that the firm would leave by leaving Australia.

However, there is still time for the government and Google to find common ground on this bill.

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