Microsoft Word: predictive text input will arrive next month




The Microsoft Word text editor will soon be enriched with new artificial intelligence algorithms with the integration of predictive input.

Suggesting word suggestions according to the semantic context, it doesn't seem like much and we already find such devices on our smartphones. On the other hand, it is the first time that such a mechanism has seen the light of day on the most popular text editor.



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An input aid tool

Last September, Microsoft announced that it was working on predictive algorithms for Word and Outlook. The engineers had developed a machine learning process. The Redmond firm thus stated:

“Text predictions allow users to write more efficiently with fast and relevant text predictions. This feature helps reduce spelling and grammar mistakes and learns on its own over time to return best recommendations based on your writing style ”.

The suggestions appear grayed out at the cursor. To accept them quickly, all you have to do is press the TAB key. The ESC key is used to reject them.

More generally, this optional tool should allow faster text entries as the algorithm improves.






For now only in English

According to Neowin, Microsoft initially rolled out this novelty to half of the testers registered and receiving updates through the beta channel.

Judging by the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the publisher is expected to roll out this input assist tool sometime next month for Word. An Outlook update has already taken place this month.

Note, however, that this prediction only concerns Shakespeare's language for the time being. No information has been published on the support of French.

Another point remains a little vague: the degree of personalization. Microsoft explains that the prediction is applied to the document being edited. It would seem then that it is a question of creating an algorithm neither based on all of its documents nor linked to its Microsoft account. However, the publisher explains that it is possible to activate it on and allow the device to scan all its emails to improve the quality of the suggestions.


Sources : Neowin, Microsoft

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