Office Lens becomes Microsoft Lens and is enriched with new features




Microsoft intends to give new life to the Office Lens utility, and this requires a new brand and new features.

There are a plethora of applications for scanning documents using your smartphone. Among these we count CamScanner, Adobe Scan or even ClearScanner or ScanBot. At Microsoft, Office Lens becomes Microsoft Lens and sports a new logo.





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Microsoft Lens, soon to be more efficient

Since its inception, Office Lens has offered to capture a document and then improve its readability. This can then be stored online on OneDrive's servers. The algorithms of the Azure platform were able to perform character recognition and therefore extract the content so that it could be indexed later.

Now with Microsoft Lens, the OCR technique is greatly simplified. After capturing a document, the text will be automatically extracted. An option offering to copy this transcription or to share it with another application will make Microsoft Lens much more useful in everyday life.

In a blog post, Microsoft adds that the application is enriched with other new features, including:

  • the possibility of ordering the pages of a document;
  • re-edit a document transformed into PDF;
  • apply a filter to all the images in a document;
  • scan up to 100 pages for a single document;
  • to more easily choose to save a document online or locally.


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Microsoft cancels the Office brand

Ironically, as the utility turns into a real productivity tool, the Office brand, historically associated with its office software suite, is replaced by that of Microsoft.

Almost a year ago, Microsoft had already renamed its Office 365 subscriptions to Microsoft 365. Would the Office brand then be doomed to disappear in favor of a name that is undoubtedly a little simpler? The publisher has in any case not given an explanation for this rebranding.

The Redmond company adds that the new features of Microsoft Lens will first be deployed on Android and then on iOS over the coming months. Microsoft recalls that Lens technology is natively integrated into its other mobile applications, including Office, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, as well as OneDrive.

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