Operating Systems: Unbeatable Windows, ChromeOS above macOS




In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has obviously exploded sales of computers and the operating systems that go with them.

A pandemic which in particular made the business… of Chrome OS!



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 Chrome OS in force in 2020

According to data analyzed by IDC 2020, regarding sales of computers, laptops and other workstations, Chrome OS has (significantly) surpassed macOS in 2020.

Google's operating system overtook Apple's in the second quarter of 2020, with 10% against 7.6%. A substantially identical trend during the third quarter, and a Chrome OS which went so far as to display almost double the market share vis-à-vis macOS during the last quarter of last year (14.4% against 7 , 7%).




On the side of Microsoft, despite a very clear domination, the Chrome OS threat is not taken lightly. In the first quarter of 2020, Windows had a market share of 87.5%, against 76.7% at the end of the year.

A massive adoption of Chrome OS which would be due to a very strong demand from the general public for “affordable” computers, and in particular for education. A market cut out for Chrome OS, with computers obviously less technically advanced than some Windows and macOS machines, but also much cheaper.

In this regard, Microsoft continues to refine Windows 10X, a “light” version of Windows 10, which is intended for certain laptops and which is described as “Microsoft's Chrome OS”.

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