Resident Evil: the reboot movie will infect theaters on September 3, 2021






The Resident Evil reboot film produced by Sony has a definitive release date: meet in Racoon City at the cinema on September 3.

The production of the film having ended in December and although it does not yet have a title, Sony confirms and clarifies the rumors as to an official release date for September 3.





Return to Racoon City in the Dark Rooms

Written and directed by Johannes Roberts (to whom we owe 47 Meters Down), the film will set the scene in Racoon City in 1998. On a fateful night, the T-virus escapes from Spencer Manor and transforms the population from this peaceful little town into a horde of hungry zombies.

Ambitioning to mix the intrigues of the first shutters taking place in the well-known town of Racoon City, we will find there the many emblematic characters of the license. Claire Redfield, her brother Chris, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, William Birkin and Albert Wesker will therefore be among others. The film will only be shown in cinemas, hoping that by then, our T-virus will have finished making its own ...

The months and years to come will be rich in adaptations of the Resident Evil franchise to the small and big screen. Netflix is ​​planning on its SVoD service an animated series called Into Darkness, as well as a live-action series. Of course, we are also waiting for the video game suite, Resident Evil Village, due on May 7 next.

In short, there are many occasions to rejoice for fans of Capcom's cult franchise.

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