Silent Hill: Konami would have entrusted the next opus to an external studio




Rumors intersect and do not resemble the future of the Silent Hill saga. Indeed, according to a recent report, a game would be well under development ... But the studio that takes care of it is not yet known.

In January 2020, indiscretions evoked the fact that two opuses of the Silent Hill license were in production at Konami. In May of that same year, rumors only mentioned a game that could be an exclusive for the PS5. This week, it's yet another hallway noise that is spreading on social networks.



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Who works on Silent Hill?

According to the generally well-informed Video Games Chronicle, Konami has chosen to outsource the development of the next Silent Hill within a 'very important Japanese studio'. Better yet, the official title would be scheduled for next summer. But that's not all...

Thus, the CEO of the Polish studio Bloober Team (Layers of Fear, The Medium ...) teased the future game of his teams. He explains that “[…] we are working on this game in partnership with a famous publisher […] I can't tell you more but I am sure that when people realize what we are working on, they will be very happy”. Many netizens assume it to be Silent Hill.

We should know the end of the story this year.

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