The Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite would land with a 64 Mp photo module and a 5x periscopic telephoto lens





The launch of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is now scheduled for February 8 in Europe. But the conference should probably focus more on the new Chinese flagship Pro and Lite models.

And if the information about the first city is still scant, we know a little more about the Mi 11 Lite.


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 An intriguing technical sheet for the Mi 11 Lite

According to leaks on Weibo, the Mi 11 Lite has some very interesting features. Starting with its chipset: a supposed “SM7350” from Qualcomm. An unknown reference to the battalion - which leads some to see it as a codename for the Snapdragon 755G: a mid-range SoC engraved in 5 nm and taking advantage in particular of a Cortex-A78 ultraviolet core.

On the photo side, Xiaomi seems to revise (a little) its ambitions downwards compared to the Mi 10 Lite. Where the latter offered a 108-megapixel wide-angle sensor at a rock bottom price, its successor would have to settle for a 64-megapixel model. However, as everyone knows, the number of megapixels is not always the most interesting data when it comes to photography. We'll have to see what Xiaomi has to say about the size of the sensor and the aperture of the lens.

More surprising: a periscope telephoto lens could make its appearance as a secondary sensor. A module that we do not know anything about yet, except that it could offer a 5x optical zoom.


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What price for the Mi 11 Lite?

This is the big unknown that remains. We must also remember the huge price disparities of the Mi 10 range last year. The Mi 10 Pro was priced at € 999, the Mi 10 at € 799 and the Mi 10 Lite at € 379.

From what we already know about the Mi 11, which was presented last month in China, the entry ticket would be around € 500… tax free, and import. We know that taxes and various pricing policies can greatly vary the price of a product arriving in the Old Continent.

And something tells us that the Mi 11 Lite might suffer from slight inflation this year. In question ? Its periscope. A still very expensive component (the proof: it is only found on ultra high-end phones), which could well raise the note.

These are all questions to which we should have an answer as early as next week, after the Xiaomi conference.

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