Twitter could integrate paid features to access exclusive content




Twitter is reportedly currently rethinking its business model to be less dependent on advertising revenue. This new strategy could involve subscriptions to premium features.

Today Twitter's revenues depend mainly on targeted advertising; however, the latter has not been developed as much on the blue bird network as on competing platforms. The activity showing its limits lately, in particular in the light of new measures concerning data confidentiality, Twitter wishes to anticipate possible economic repercussions.



Insufficient advertising revenue

According to Bloomberg, who reports the information, Twitter is now seeking to diversify its sources of income, those from targeted advertising being on the decline.

Recall that Apple is preparing to introduce its Application Tracking Transparency device, placing in the hands of users the choice of the use of its navigation data by software and application publishers. Facebook and Google have already announced that these new measures could greatly affect the revenues of their partners.

Twitter, for its part, would then turn to the implementation of premium features to develop its organization. One of them, called 'Rogue One', would allow users, for example, to pay a kind of virtual tip to people they follow, in order to obtain exclusive content.




Which subscriptions to adopt?

According to a source close to these discussions, Twitter could also introduce paid features, to cancel sending a tweet or to use the TweetDeck application. Remember that the latter makes it possible in particular to obtain an overview of various flows linked to requests and to schedule tweets.

Analysts are divided as to what to do next. For some, like Ron Josey, an analyst at JMP Securities, a subscription for an ad-free network, as it is available today through Tweetdeck, would be a good idea. Others, like Michael Levine, analyst at Pivotal Research Group, believe instead that tweetos are more likely to pay for exclusive content.

But Twitter has several other cards to play here. The network could indeed offer the media to subscribe to a feature allowing them to broadcast videos in high quality. The social network could also review its profile verification system and highlight the most popular influencers.

Finally, the track of more detailed analytical data in order to better know and target more followers is not ruled out ...

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