Unsurprisingly, Facebook was working on a competitor service to Clubhouse




Faced with the media coverage of the Clubhouse network, yet still very confidential, Facebook would like to offer its own alternative as soon as possible.

Facebook is now the largest existing social network and the company is trying to position itself on all fronts. Far from bubbling with innovative ideas, the company is doing it either through acquisitions, such as Instagram, or simply by copying ideas from the competition.




Clubhouse, a new gem of Silicon Valley

Released last April, Clubhouse is a somewhat special social network since it is entirely based on audio sharing between groups of friends. By invitation only, the service is in the form of an app for iOS.

According to Software Pundit, while the valuation of this network was 100 million dollars in May 2020, that is to say one month after its release, it would have increased to 1 billion dollars last month.

Internally, Facebook management has asked its employees to design a similar service. The latter would for the moment be in experimental version. At Facebook, a spokesperson is content to tell the New York Times that audio and video have always been part of the means of communication made available by the company and that the latter continues to explore new ways of optimize the user experience.





On the App Store, Clubhouse is now in fifth place in its category in the United States, in eighth position in France and at the top of applications in Germany and Italy.



Facebook: the follower strategy

If today Stories are widely associated with Instagram, Facebook took over this functionality from Snapchat in 2016. Moreover, for the community giant, it was a kind of revenge after Evan Spiegel, founder of Snapchat, refused a buyout at $ 3 billion.

Last year, in response to the rising success of TikTok, Instagram introduced the Reels to allow users to create video clips. However, this 'novelty' simply brought more confusion and last month Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, admitted that he was not satisfied with this copy.

Facebook is also introducing features to increasingly overshadow its competitors. Thus, by observing the growth of Zoom, the network suddenly equipped itself with Rooms to offer a videoconferencing service. The company is also said to be in the process of designing a newsletter service to cope with the success of the start-up Substack and Twitter which recently bought the start-up Revue.

It remains to be seen how this Clubhouse competitor will take shape. We imagine that it could be directly implemented within Messenger to immediately reach a maximum of users.


Sources : NYT, Software Pundit


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