Windows 10 should soon notify you when an app is using your webcam





Is my webcam on? Can someone observe and check me in right now? Questions you may have already asked yourself and which Windows 10 may soon be able to answer.

This is one of the obsessions of some users: being spied on through their computer's webcam, like in a famous episode of Black Mirror. To the point that some even go so far as to place a piece of tape on the camera integrated into their laptop.



Same treatment as for the microphone

Microsoft has understood this and wants to reassure its users. The Redmond firm is currently testing a feature in a build of Windows 10X, a variation of its operating system for devices equipped with a foldable, roll-up screen or several panels.

This feature allows the user to be notified when an application is using their webcam. Concretely, an icon appears in the taskbar, as is the case today when the microphone is activated.



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Available end of 2021?

And that's not all Microsoft expects. The user can also hover the mouse over the webcam icon on the taskbar to see which applications currently have access to it. It will thus be possible to ensure that only the service used at the time is using the webcam and that no hidden process in the background is connected to it.

If everything works as the developers want, should also be integrated into Windows 10, in addition to Windows 10X. It remains to be seen when it will be available on a stable build.

We already know that it should not be included in the next update scheduled for June (21H1), which focuses on bug fixes and system stability. But we could take advantage of it at the time of the second major update of the year (November / December). Known as “Sun Valley update” or version 21H2, the latter will add new features to the OS.

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