Xbox Series : the 'FPS Boost' versions of Far Cry 4, Sniper Elite 4 or Watch Dogs 2 are here




Playing backward compatible titles on the latest Microsoft consoles is now more enjoyable. Indeed, the American manufacturer has just started the deployment of the FPS Boost feature on several games ...

This technology will boost the framerate of a multitude of applications in the coming weeks.


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 Always more FPS

Thanks to the capabilities of the Xbox Series X | S, various games will soon see framerate skyrocket. This is what Microsoft has just announced through a press release aimed at detailing the contours of FPS Boost. And the good news is that developers won't have to tweak their respective productions to apply these more than noticeable improvements on a technical level.





By using the performance of the advanced components of the new Xboxes, backward compatible games will have the ability to double or even quadruple their frames per second. As Microsoft explains in its article, game engines will be able to render faster. Unfortunately, not all titles from previous generations will be able to support FPS Boost.



A somewhat shy first selection

While its launch will continue throughout spring 2021, five games are now welcoming FPS Boost. These are Far Cry 4, Sniper Elite 4, Watch Dogs 2, New Super Lucky's Tale and UFC 4. For example, the latter will run in 60 FPS on Xbox Series S and Lucky's Tale can reach the holy grail of 120 FPS. Other compatible titles will be announced soon.




Also in the spring, the player can go to the 'Manage the game' section in the menu of his Xbox Series to adjust the functions of the titles concerned. Thus, the user will be able to choose whether he wants to activate or deactivate the FPS Boost or even the auto HDR. In short, this should make our old favorite games always more pleasant to (re) discover.

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