Xiaomi unveils a concept smartphone with a curved panel on all 4 sides and no connection




Xiaomi has just presented its new smartphone concept, which does not yet have a name. It is an impressive mobile without any connection and 'quad curved waterfall', that is to say with a curved slab on all four sides.

Xiaomi shows the muscles, a few days before the presentation of the Mi 11, scheduled for February 8. The firm explains that it has filed 46 patents for this mobile and its screen with edges bent at 88 degrees around the smartphone. Pretty.



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A screen that surrounds the device

The 'quad curved waterfall display', since it is the only name it has for the moment, is a concept phone whose main feature is to have a panel curved on all four sides. Indeed, the screen is curved at 88 degrees on all sides of the mobile to give the impression that the panel really surrounds the device.

To achieve this feat, Xiaomi explains having designed a system to bend glass at 800 degrees Celcius without breaking it. The brand explains to The Verge that the mobile does exist and that it required the filing of 46 patents concerning the design, the screen, but also to demonstrate its operation without physical buttons and ports.





Recall that Xiaomi had shown in 2019 a Mix Mix Alpha which was also almost entirely surrounded by its screen, but which had never seen the light of day in stores. The CEO. of the firm nevertheless asked its subscribers on social networks if they would be ready to pay 1,300 euros for a high-end mobile. Teasing incoming, in short.


An upcoming Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra?

Although the presentation of a concept phone by video does not have the impact of a concrete demonstration, it follows and precedes important announcements for Xiaomi. Last week, the Chinese firm showed its Mi Air Charge, a charging system without connection and remotely from its mobile.

In parallel, next week, Xiaomi must finally unveil its Mi 11. And rumors are growing on the arrival of an Ultra version: a version more powerful than the Pro, with a QHD + 1440p definition screen, a frequency of 120 Hz refresh and ... a curved slab at the four corners.

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