Little Syster, the European application that gives a confidentiality score to digital services




What if it was possible to rate a business based on its privacy policy? This is what Little Syster offers, a young French shoot that has just released a mobile application.

Between the controversy over the next terms of use for WhatsApp and the introduction of the new transparency policy of the App Store (Apple), this year 2021 begins from the angle of privacy protection. And it is in this context that a young French company is launching its Little Syster application on Android in private beta.




 Respond to a concrete need

According to a study from May 2019, 84% of European citizens believe they have no control over their personal data. Little Syster wants to be a game changer. The company thus seeks to assess the ethics of the practices of digital services in terms of the protection of privacy.

Like the nutriscore and the ecoscore, the company gives an A to E rating to a digital application or service, after evaluating the collection, use, security and sharing of users' personal information. More than a long exhaustive list, it is then a question of highlighting clear and accessible information to the general public.

Concretely, once Little Syster is installed, it reviews all the other applications present on the smartphone. Each is then assigned an average score according to the analysis criteria.

The transparency of information counts for 30% of the final mark against 20% for the use of information. The control of security risks represents 15% of this score while the partner choice policy amounts to 35%.



As an example Protonmail, Olvid and MeWe get an A rating. Signal, Doctolib, and Brave received a B. Perhaps more surprisingly, Firefox, is rated only C.




A slightly young and perfectible application

Regarding the reasons for the rating given to Mozilla's browser, Little Syster explains that while the foundation shows excellent practices in terms of controlling security risks, other points such as the choice of partners, transparency of information and the respectful use of data should be reviewed. Faced with this meager information, however, we remain a little unsatisfied.

Moreover, since this project is still very young, many applications are still being rated. This is the case with the services of Facebook and Google (although we already have a small idea of ​​the result), as well as other popular applications such as Netflix, Spotify, Twitter, Shazam or Amazon.

Finally, Little Syster explains that it is an independent entity. The company is nonetheless funded by companies wanting to get a rating for improving their policy, hoping their service will be listed as an alternative to a lower rated one. The company also has a few shareholders.

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