Tesla: Full Autopilot subscriptions to start in the coming months




While it is currently billed 7,500 euros in France and 10,000 dollars in the United States, Full Self Driving, or in French 'Fully autonomous driving capacity', will be offered as a subscription in the coming months. Expected for the end of 2020, the subscription offer should soon be offered by Tesla.

If the price is to exceed $ 100 in the Americas, it would take almost 100 months, or about eight years, for the subscription to be more expensive than the purchase of the option when ordering the new car. . However, the price of the subscription will vary depending on the new features added over time by the manufacturer.




A subscription for what?

With this monthly subscription, Tesla owners who wish will be able to add the autonomous driving functions grouped under the name in France 'Fully autonomous driving capacity' and currently billed for 7,500 euros.

This option adds to a new Tesla the improved Autopilot with freeway driving assistance, automatic lane change, automatic parallel and battle parking as well as automatic exit from its parking spot.

Added to this is also the recognition and reaction to traffic lights and traffic signs. And once this is fine-tuned and the legislation allows it, autonomous driving in the city. Features are bound to evolve, as is the entire Tesla ecosystem and its On-the-Air updates, allowing for the addition of new features and bug fixes to on-board systems.




$ 100 per month or $ 10,000 per purchase

For those who opt for rental in the form of an LLD or LOA contract, the choice will certainly be quickly made if the subscription formula is also offered. For those who prefer to keep their car for a long time, choosing to purchase the option when ordering the new vehicle guarantees them access to these features and updates at no additional cost. This is also a strong argument for the resale of the vehicle, which will save the price of the subscription.

In addition, according to Elon Musk, the value of Tesla vehicles will rise with the future autonomous taxi service generating income for Tesla owners leaving their vehicles available. However, this will also pose some regulatory problems in France where one does not become a taxi without a license.

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