With Live Rooms, Instagram allows live feeds for up to 4 people




The Instagram team announces the introduction of a new feature called Live Rooms that allows you to broadcast a live stream with three other people.

Instagram takes on an air of Zoom and with the Live Rooms, the company intends to further boost the exchanges between users and their subscribers.




Associate video with social for several uses

While Twitter recently announced that it wanted to allow influencers in its network to monetize their audience with Super Follow, at Instagram, we are betting on video.

Live Rooms should thus see the birth of talk shows, or even the establishment of live podcasts hosted by influencers specializing in certain fields. In the era of Covid-19, this feature should also allow music groups to offer concert sessions to their subscribers. Instagram also explains that Live Rooms could also be used to boost question-and-answer sessions with, for example, a video version of the famous “AMA” on Reddit.

For Instagram, it's also about introducing new ways to remunerate content creators. If users viewing a live feed can purchase badges to encourage an influencer, they will be able to financially support these Live Rooms.




 Managed and secure Live Rooms

Instagram will introduce several features for these Live Rooms including moderation options, as well as controls for the audio stream.

To start a multiple video stream, all you have to do is slide your finger to the left, choose the Live option at the bottom of the screen and then add a title to the stream. It is then possible to select guests and see the people who have chosen to broadcast a live alongside you. The team explains that it is also possible to choose two guests, then add another one afterwards.

The company specifies that for security reasons, people blocked by each of the participants will not be able to join a Live Room. This is also the case for members banned by Instagram for violating the terms of use of the service.

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